1 Minute Mindshift: Embracing ALL of Our Emotions


aging.gracefully1 min. MINDSHIFT: Have you ever felt inadequate about “achieving happiness?” In this world that stridently pursues (and posts) about “happiness!😀” (guilty) we can feel “less than” when we face our own anger, sadness or jealousy — even though those are all very normal emotions and part of being human. By embracing our own duality & the full range of our normal, human emotions we liberate ourselves from the need to vilify (what we consider to be) the “negative” emotions. And when we take that unnecessary shame out of the equation– our energy is so much clearer. When we stop resisting emotions & the associated discomfort– it frees us to adequately process them ….and often that’s plenty! That’s all we need. Other times we can choose to use that pent-up energy to do something good with our discomfort. (I.e. Yes “comparison is the thief of joy” but once processed a bit it can also become a kick in the butt that causes us to make positive changes in our lives! Maybe it inspires us to go after something we want, but have been denying ourselves. Jealousy can be an uncomfortable but powerful signpost. Or – for example, my anger about elder-abuse can become the reason I vote a certain way, volunteer and go to sit with an elderly woman, listen to her stories, brush her hair and hold her hand. Not out of pity — but out of respect because I’m ANGRY when I see people taking advantage of the defenseless. I am moved to positive action by it.) It’s what we DO with our emotional energy that matters– not whether or not we “have” it. (We all have it) Nor is it whether that emotion is good or bad. (They can all cause good, bad, neutrality or anything in between- depending on how they manifest.) I use the example of water in the video– it’s much the same. Water can cause horrific destruction and death or it can save lives and be restorative bliss (and also everything in between!) Same with our emotions Where it goes … what it leads to, how it’s processed and who it affects– that’s all energy with the ability to shapeshift. And so are we.  #mindshift #process

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