Media / Spotlight Series Interview – Sarah Seidelmann



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It was a pleasure sitting down with Sarah Seidelmann, a Physician turned Shaman, Healer, Author & Life Coach, to discuss her latest book SWIMMING WITH ELEPHANTS.  Sarah’s honest and often-funny memoir gives a first-hand account of what it was like to bravely buck tradition to “Follow Her Own Feel Good” in pursuit of a more fulfilling career. In Sarah’s case, this meant transitioning from the life of a Pathologist/working mother of four, to a wonder-filled career in the healing arts.  Sarah takes us through conventional life in Duluth, Minnesota, where she was logging in long hours in a lab, but becoming less passionate about the work, craving a more time with her kids, a more flexible schedule, and wanting something that felt more meaningful. She takes us on a journey through her exotic travels, to her metamorphosis to her current life as a Mom/Shaman/ life coach.

In our interview, We discuss her book and how she models for women not just how to go out and follow their dreams, but also how to bravely embrace their own muchness, multitudes, and multifacetedness — something so many women tend to leave on the table when taking up the “mom role,” (Yep. Been there too. … But not so much these days. 🙂

Also mentioned in the interview is Sarah’s 2nd book, BORN TO FREAK: A Salty Primer for Irrepressible Humans, still in print and a wonderful book for anyone feeling like they may be different. (Spoiler alert: the book celebrates “different!” and all that uniqueness has to offer, using the amazing and diverse beastie world as a beautiful example. )

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