Spotlight Series Interview- Shalini Vadhera


Global Beauty Expert, Entrepreneur and Role Model

Shalini’s successful entrepreneurial career has taken her from being a celebrity make-up artist, to a best selling author of Passport To Beauty, a favorite guest of Dr. Oz and the Today show, the founder of a $21-million dollar global cosmetics company, Founder & CEO of Passport To Beauty, Co-Founder of the Boss Box & Founder of Power Beauty Living! And if that’s not enough… for her passion and work empowering women around the globe, Shalini was just awarded the 2017 Mahatma Gandhi Award in London at the House of Lords.

In addition to being an amazing entrepreneur and role model for girls around the world, she is a dear friend and a wonderful soul who believes in celebrating women’s beauty inside out, and outside in. She does so by celebrating women from all around the globe, embracing all shapes, sizes, shades and backgrounds with the same fervor. It was such a lovely moment to get to sit down with her for this interview.