Dr. Clara Lee

I met Michelle at a juncture in my life where I was seriously contemplating making a change in my career.
My family had just moved from Chicago to Los Angeles about 3 yrs ago when I first met Michelle through my son’s school; she was honestly one of the first and friendliest, genuinely nicest people I’d met in LA.
With my family’s move to LA, I sold my dental practice as a veteran dentist practicing for over 25 yrs. I didn’t want to start my own dental practice at this point in my life and was thinking about pursuing some other interests I’ve always had. I asked Michelle to help me sort out my thoughts and what I wanted to do with the second half of my life. Michelle was truly instrumental in helping me figure out the direction I wanted to take with my passion and interests outside of dentistry.
What I love about her style of coaching is that she doesn’t just point the way but guides me in a way where I can figure out what is authentic and organic to me. I think what makes Michelle a great life coach, especially, is how she makes you feel safe to experiment without any judgment. She made me feel safe to try different things without making me feel like I was failing. She assured me it was perfectly okay to figure out by trial and error. Honestly, I knew at that time I wanted to try something different but I definitely needed help in honing in.  She truly is a great facilitator, helping me to unearth my passion and potentials even beyond what I believe in myself.
One more thing I have to say about her is she is like a walking information hotline! If she doesn’t already know it she will go out of her way to find the information in question for you. I’m so blessed to have in my life not only as a life coach but as a life-long friend.
Clara Lee, Los Angeles
Dentist by profession, fashion by passion
“Never too late or too old to follow your passion!”


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